This campaign is rapidly gaining momentum in the media! New articles and stories are emerging almost daily. We are committed to staying on top of the latest developments and will be updating this page frequently to bring you the freshest stories from the campaign trail. Stay tuned for the latest news and exciting moments as they unfold!


Independent Political Report - July 12
Interview: Constitution Party Campaign Director Joe Slovenec re: Ballot Access, Ice-T “Endorsement” of Randall Terry
Independent Political Report - July 11
Free and Equal Elections Presidential Debate Discussion and Open Thread
The Free and Equal Elections Foundation - July 11
Free & Equal Elections Interviews Presidential Candidate Randall Terry
The Amputated Baptist Podcast - July 11
Running Away from the Secret Service with Randall Terry
The New American - July 8
Randall Terry: Constitution Party Candidate for President
Independent Political Report - July 5
Interview: Randall Terry, Constitution Party POTUS Nominee; Right-to-Life-At-Conception Activist
Washington Post - July 5
Where an independent or third-party candidate could hurt Biden or Trump
New York Post - July 2
North Carolina election board faces GOP-led federal investigation over parties’ ballot access
The Christian Post - July 1
Third-party presidential candidate seeks to 'blow a hole in the Democrat Party'
ABC, Raleigh-Durham - June 20
Constitution Party fighting to secure spot on NC 2024 ballot: 'Nobody owns the vote' 6/20
Pray in Jesus Name - May 22
Pastor Stephen Broden and Randall Terry are Running for President & Life
Independent Political Report - April 29
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Constitution Party’s Randall Terry, Stephen Broden, and Joe Slovenec


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