November 5th is our chance to stand for the babies! Please do not vote for Biden or any baby killing democrat for that matter. We are mounting this campaign to show the truth about abortion and to encourage voters not to vote for Biden. We are not even asking for your vote. Over 50% of Catholics, 1/3 of Evangelicals, and 90 % of Blacks (many who say they are against abortion) voted for Biden in 2020. If a small percentage of them repent, it could cause Biden’s defeat. And it will put the plight of babies front and center in this election!

Our Strategic Solution for ballot access, to run ads in ALL FIFTY STATES: We get on the ballot in 10 states we can run ads in all 50 for just 25,075 signatures total. We can do this! 

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  • Anne Lilleberg
    published this page 2024-01-28 16:30:56 -0600

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