Q. Won’t this campaign hurt Trump?

A. NO! We do not even ask for your vote. Our campaign has 3 Goals to Defend the babies, Defeat Biden and Destroy the Democrat Party!

Q. What are your goals with these ads?

A. The goals are as follows: 1) We could help defeat Biden in swing states, and thereby lose the election. 2) For the first time, MILLIONS of Americans will SEE what “abortion” does to innocent babies. 3) We can drive the TRUTH about child killing “front and center” in this election year. The democrats are RUNNING on “abortion rights.” We can show America how perverse and evil their agenda is. 4) Many women scheduled to kill a baby will see these ads, and change their minds. We will SAVE BABIES with these ads.

Q. Why do you think you have to show such graphic images of aborted babies?

A. Because when Americans see what abortion is, Americans will end abortion. Images are the most powerful weapon we have, like showing Jews in Concentration camps to fight anti-Semitism, or showing Emit Till’s body, or black men hung by the KKK to fight racism and segregation.

Q. Your plan is to air these ads on TV. Won’t the television stations censor these graphic ads, or refuse to air them?

A. The FCC law is clear! The law states a TV station “shall have no power of censorship over the material broadcast by any legally qualified candidate.” (Section 73.1941)

Q. Why else do you feel you need to show images of dead babies?

A. Because we won’t be collaborators with the child killers!

Q. What would we call photographers who got into concentration camps, took pictures of Jews being killed, got out safely, but refused to show the truth?

A. Collaborators with the Nazis! We will NOT be collaborators with child-killers by hiding their victims.

Q. Do you think these ads will change the liberals’ minds to not vote for Biden?

A. No. But that is not our goal. We are targeting Catholics, Evangelicals, and Black voters in these ads.

Q. Why are you targeting Catholic, Evangelical, and African American voters?

A. In the last election 51% of Catholics, over 33% of Evangelicals, and nearly 90% of Blacks voted for Biden. Many of these three groups say they are “pro-life,” yet they voted for a baby killer. They are our target audience; we are calling them to repent. If just 1% or 2% of these voters repent, and refuse to vote for Biden, it will change the election’s outcome. BIDEN WILL LOSE.

Q. Why do you think this strategy will work?

A. In 2012, Randall Terry ran in the primary against Obama in several states. Randall ran similar ads saying Obama was a baby killer. In Oklahoma, Randall received 18% of the DEMOCRAT vote statewide, and beat Obama in 13 counties showing these ads! And this was a CLOSED PRIMARY where only Democrats could vote. He received nearly 40% of the vote in some Oklahoma counties – from Democrat voters! We are doing this on a much larger scale in this election. There are Catholic and Black voters who will see and hear the truth, and will repent, and NOT vote for a baby killer again. 

Q. Do you really think you can get ballot access in 50 states?

A. NO. We will be on the ballot in 18-20 states. However, BECAUSE we are on the ballot in 10 states, we can advertise nationally according to the rules. The law states: A person seeking election to the office of President or Vice President of the United States… in at least 10 States shall be considered a legally qualified candidate for election in all States, (Section 73.1940 – emphasis added) That means we can run national TV ads that reach all fifty states!


Q. Wait! What? By being on the ballot in just 10 states, you can run national TV ads in all fifty states?!

A. Yes! Imagine this: for $11,000, we can run a :30 second ad on “The View.” Picture Whoopi Goldberg watching our ad with Pastor Broden saying that “abortion is black genocide,” and that “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing the killing for the KKK, lynching black babies in the womb.” These ads will create a holy firestorm.

Q. What could I do to help?

A. Great question! We need two things, Money, and Volunteers. You can go to the Volunteer page or Donate page to help.

Q. Can I help you raise money?

A. Yes. One key way that EVERYONE with a computer and friends could help raise money is to host a “Zoom” meeting in your home, inviting your friends and family to come for live interaction with Randall. He can share the vision with them, and raise money.

Q. What is the maximum donation that I can make to your campaign?

A. The maximum donation is $3,300 per individual so if you are married you both can donate $3,300.

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  • Nuña Nuña
    commented 2024-05-27 23:06:39 -0500
    You were already at the top of my shortlist, but removing your recommendation to vote for that anti-libertarian, Fauci endorsing, DeSantis libeling, J6 betraying, log cabin RINO Donald Trump, has secured you my vote. God bless you, gentlemen!
  • Nuña Nuña
    commented 2024-05-27 23:00:07 -0500
    You were already at the top of my shortlist, but removing your recommendation to vote for that anti-libertarian, Fauci endorsing, DeSantis libeling, J6 betraying, log cabin RINO Donald Trump, has secured you my vote. God bless you, gentlemen!
  • vincent meis
    commented 2024-05-27 16:19:02 -0500
    The actions of a committed Christian. Thank God you are doing his.
  • Brad Lee Barnhill
    commented 2024-04-27 16:09:55 -0500
  • Brad Lee Barnhill
    followed this page 2024-04-27 16:09:53 -0500
  • Harry Kaehr
    published this page 2024-03-01 18:46:56 -0600

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